News at Kingston Farm

~ Pony Club! ~

Much to my excitement, my daughter has started riding a little bit more and more. She's decided to try out Pony Club for 2012. Here are some pictures from her first clinic and some trail riding with me. She's riding Spirit in these pictures but has also been riding our paint mare, Dixie too. We bought Spirit in 2004 (I think) as a lead-line pony. That lead to being ponyed from another horse and when we did our first hunter pace last year I started to get a crick in my back from holding my arm behind me. He was so good in a number of situations so we took the leadline off and they haven't stopped going yet. Good to have a super riding buddy!

December 2011

~ I'm ditching the english saddle ~

I've been a bit bored with dressage lately. I had the opportunity to sign up for a cow clinic with Linda Hoover down in Southern Pines. I pulled Dixie out of the pasture and away we went. Who knew cows were so much fun! I would love to do it again and Dixie definitely seemed to have a cow sense. I came home ready to start a cow ranch. Hubby said 'No', so I'll stick to horses. Fun, fun!

December 2011

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) is still on the go! ~

Ellen sent an update that Hannah tried her hand at First-3 at a schooling show. Ellen says she was UP and it shows in this canter picture. They scored a 68+%! It's going to be fun to track them through 2012!

December 2011

~ Bravo Bear (Sir Sinclair/Leah (Roemer)), aka "Teddy" is successful again! ~

Fun news! I heard from Lynda that Teddy participated in a dressage show. Michelle Folden's working student, Lauren Palmer took the reins. Michelle predicted BIG scores and she was right. Lynda says, "Teddy was terrific at the show!" GO TEDDY! He's the little Super Horse! Here are their scores for the weekend:
Day 1, Training-1 = 76.7%
Day 1, Training-2 = 71.7%
Day 2, Training-1 = 72.5%
Day 2, Training-3 = 70.7%

November 2011

~ I have a secret... ~

We got chickens 2 years ago mainly as a way to keep the bugs down in an organically, green fashion. On a daily basis, they are let out during the day and locked up in the evenings. They forage all around my house thru the bushes and tall grass. They make a couple trips a day to the manure pile, in the stalls and paddocks scratching and finding fly larvea and who knows what else. Generally, I put my fly traps up in the spring at the first sign of a fly. This year I think they went up sometime in April/May timeframe. In years past it's been a horrible task to take down and dispose of these repulsive things every 2-3 weeks. This year the same fly traps have been sitting or hanging in the same place all season and still have very little flies. I have just finished my first bottle of fly spray that I've used all summer long for 8 horses and most of it I've used when I took a horse off the farm. My chicken plan is working! My chickens total 7 hens and 1 rooster. I get enough eggs for a family of 4 and sometimes have enough for friends and family. They are also a joy to watch and when people visit, they love to hand feed them. We've now added guineas this summer too to help with ticks. I'll keep you posted on how they decide to handle their jobs. Chickens are the gift that just keep giving!

Sept 2011

~ Looky, Looky! Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) is HOT to Trot! ~

I just restarted Mocha again and I'm totally in LOVE! Hmmm, maybe I should keep her for myself... She was started last September 2010 by a natural horseman in our area, Jim Thomas. He had her for 30 days. I rode her about 3 times a week for the next month then daylight savings hit and I just could not find the time to ride (juggling work and family). When I did have time to ride, Scoop and Teddy took precedence so she was on the back burner. I just restarted the beautiful girl and she was so easy. She is so nice in the bridle, sensitive to the aids, a quick learner, a super feel and she's BEAUTIFUL. What's not to like? Hmmm, maybe I should keep her for myself....

August 2011

~ Rioja Reserva (Ruffian/Leah (Roemer)) Showing 4th Level! ~

I just heard from Gabby that Rio scored a very impressive 63.5% at their first attempt at Fourth-3. Congratulations girls! Rio is half sister to Bravo Bear (Teddy) and Cafe Mocha. Having now ridden both Teddy and Mocha myself it is so evident to me that Leah has produced some outstanding rideability in her offspring. Send pictures Gabby!

August 2011

~ Teddy is making lots of new friends ~

There is summer horse camp at the stable where Teddy now lives. The kids have fallen in love with him too. Look at the cute signs they have made for him. Notice the real yarn used in the in 2nd picture for his tail. There's no doubt that he is LOVING life right now with all this attention! :-)

August 2011

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) headed to the Markel 4yo Young Horse National Championships! ~

Just wanted to share the news that Favulous (Fabuleux/EM Favre), aka Hannah, is going to compete in the Markel 4yo Young Horse Championships! Hannah was bred here at Kingston Farm and was broke and trained by Eliza Sydnor for new owner Ellen Peebles. Ellen has also had a big hand in her training and handling. Help me wish these ladies the best of luck later on this month! So exciting!

August 2011

~ Bebop Update - Yearling ~

Sheila sent me these pictures back in July I think but I did not have time to update. This is Favre's yearling colt from last year, Bebop Balou (Balou du Rouet/EM Favre). He is looking so handsome!

August 2011

~ Lynda and Teddy so Happy! ~

Lynda sent me a picture of she and her "perfect pony". Don't they both look so happy! Lynda reports that her trainer Michelle use to remark that the more she saw Teddy and worked with him the more she liked him. Well she's changed her tune a bit and is now saying the more she sees and works with Teddy the more she LOVES him! Keep the updates coming! Big smiley face!

August 2011

~ General thoughts and a deep sigh of contentment ~

Between Favulous, Teddy and Mocha's accolades this month, my buttons are popping with pride. I feel through these little successes that my breeding decisions have been right on target with my breeding goals: To breed amateur friendly, competitive warmbloods. There’s no reason why the pros get to have all the fun! I do have to give “shout-outs” to the trainers too. Eliza Sydnor and Michelle Folden have provided their guidance and setup learning environments that encourage and provide the foundation for their student’s (equine and human) continued success. Keep up the good work girls! All these little successes add up to BIG in my book!

July 2011

~ Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer): Top Scores at Oldenburg Verband Inspection! ~

I decided to take Mocha to an Oldenburg Verband inspection. I figured it would give me the option to go Dutch or Oldenburg should I decide to breed her in the future. It would also give me a good idea if my own assessments of her conformation and movement are in line with someone who sees hundreds of horses every year throughout Germany and North America. I try not to be biased towards my own horses and be very honest with myself but it never hurts to get an expert opinion. So off to the inspection we went and Holly Simensen (North American Director Oldenburg Verband) validated my own evaluation. Mocha was accepted into the Main Mare Book (MMB) scoring 8's for Head, Breed and Sex Type, and General Impression & Overall Development. She handled very easily in the new environment and all the commotion that goes along with lots of young horses. I could not fault her at all. I was very proud of her and it was even noted what a great temperament she had. It gave me goose bumps when Holly gave me the best compliment I could receive when she said, "I would be very proud to have this mare in my own barn". So very excited!

July 2011

~ Bravo Bear, aka Teddy (Sir Sinclair/Roemer) Finds his Special Person ~

Congratulations go to Lynda Fox! Lynda is a retired, small animal vet who had a dream of riding and owning her own horse. She started taking lessons just a year ago. With the help of her trainer, Michelle Folden, they started looking for the perfect horse. They didn't want anything too old but they needed a horse that was quiet but responsive, easy to ride, easy to sit, easy to train and very, very loveable. Teddy fit every part of that description and more. With their first ride together it looked like a good match. After the second ride there was no turning back. I've been getting emails from Lynda about every 2-3 days of their adventures out of the trail and fun learnings in the ring. Michelle and Lynda are just thrilled with Teddy and Teddy seems to be thrilled with his new home at the beach and all his new buddies (equine and human). As a breeder it is such a thrill to find the perfect match for my horses. Hopefully Lynda will be sending pictures soon with her and Teddy that I can share with you!

July 2011

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) 11th in Nation for 4 year olds! ~

Currently Favulous is standing 11th in the nation for the 4 yo Markel Young Horse Championships. Woo-hoo!

July 2011

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) in a Jen Baumert clinic! ~

Here is Favulous, aka Hannah working so well in a clinic with Jen Baumert at the end of June with owner Ellen aboard. Look how she's bringing her back up! Don't they look super! Way to go girls!

July 2011

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) doing Fabulous! ~

Ellen sent me an update on Favulous, aka Hannah. They've been working with Eliza Sydnor from the very beginning and they've been a great team. Here are pictures from the Tryon show where Hannah scored an impressive 79+% in the Markel 4yo Young Horse test. These pictures are with Eliza aboard. Love these updates and super pictures!

July 2011

~ Sad news ~

Favre went into labor early May 14th, Sat morning. She started contractions and when there was no progress I called my local vet. He determined that the foal was not positioned correctly. The head, neck and both front legs were going backwards and my vet could not correct it himself so we immediately put her on the trailer and headed to the vet school. We had her in the hands of the vets at the vet school within an hour and 15 mins of her water breaking. It took alot of doing but the baby was born alive. The first 12 hours looked hopeful but then baby crashed when it was apparent from the bloodwork that the kidneys were not functioning. Despite all the efforts things were not meant to be and it seems the organs were compromised through the ordeal. I am truly heartbroken. It was a beautiful BIG filly; chestnut with 4 whites and a big blaze. Favre finally past the placenta over 36 hours after the birth. We have her home now and she seems to be doing okay. I plan on getting a breeding soundness exam and uterine biopsy around 30-40 days and decide where to go/what to do at that point.

May 2011

~ Bebop Balou (Balou du Rouet/ EM Favre) being raised as a stallion prospect! -- November 2010 ~

Congratulations to Sheila Armstrong on her purchase of Bebop Balou! We are excited that Bebop will be raised as a stallion prospect and we can't wait to hear on how he does in the upcoming years.

November 2010

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) at a Scott Hassler Clinic -- October 2010 ~

I went to go watch Favulous at her first clinic with Scott Hassler. Favulous, aka Hannah is just 3 years old and was started over the summer by Eliza Sydnor with owner, Ellen also playing a big part. She definitely looks like she has some growing to do in these pictures but as soon as she moved, Scott commented, 'What a dancer!'. He encouraged Eliza to start promoting her for the 4yo Young Horse classes in the Spring of 2011. Owner, Ellen also reports that the weekend before the clinic, Favulous went to her first show and scored super marks with a 71% and 69% at Training 1 & 2! The extra bonus is that Favulous also shows her willingness and super temperament with her owner Ellen aboard. Ellen rides her in between training sessions at her own farm. Way to go girls!

October 2010

~ Bravo Bear's (Sir Sinclair/Roemer) First show is a BIG success! - August 2010 ~

Bravo Bear, aka Teddy was such a star at his first show. He took everything in stride. Always riding by myself, it is a big deal to come to a show environment with other horses warming up and going every which way. Teddy was his level-headed self and settled right in in a short amount of time. We did Training 3 & 4 and he proved his rideability scoring a 72% and 76% with 8's on gaits! I am very proud of him and can't wait to do more. Woo-Hoo!

August 2010

~ Bebop (Balou du Rouet/ EM Favre) - August 2010 ~

Bebop is growing up and is sooooo handsome. I really think this one is a stallion prospect.

August 2010

~ Bebop Balou (Balou du Rouet/EM Favre) - TOP FOAL AHS Inspection 2010 ~

Bebop Balou is named Top Foal at his Hanoverian inspection!!!

July 2010

~ Rockin' Robbie (Rosario/ EM Favre) is a year old! ~

Robbie is growing up and though pretty gawky I still think he is quite handsome. Super topline, nice reach in all his gaits, strong hindend and super sweet. He is going to be really nice in the dressage ring!

June 2010

~ The Fillies June 2010 -- Mocha and Bling ~

~ Bling (Balou du Rouet/ EM Favre)June 2010 ~

~ Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) June 2010 ~

I had my camera and the girls wanted to show off. Check out Mocha's double whirls!

June 2010

~ Where's the Baby? ~

~ Bebop Balou (Balou du Rouet/ EM Favre)- 3 days ~

Where's the baby? He's been practicing his dressage moves and is ready for a snoozer!

May 2010

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) 30 days UnderSaddle! ~

Favulous is 3 years old and her owner, Ellen worked with Eliza Syndor to have her broke. Here she is with about 30 days undersaddle with Ellen aboard. Ellen says her gaits are so nice they are like a Rolex Watch. Eliza thinks she is suited for the FEI young horse classes so I'm looking forward to hearing more great things coming from them! Way to go girls!

May 2010

~ New Colt! Meet BeBop Balou! (May 24, 2010)~

EM Favre had a beautiful colt Monday evening by Balou du Rouet. He is ˝ brother to Scoop and full sibling to Bling. Here are pictures I took last night where he’s about 20 hours old. Geri is calling him Bebop Balou and she’s done such a good job in the naming department in the past so it will probably stick. Only one time has she had a bad suggestion. Ellen, you can thank me. Favulous was almost French Fry.

May 2010

~ Bada Bling at 2 Years (March 2010)~

~ Mocha at 3 Years Old (March 2010) ~

Took some time to take pictures of Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) and Bada Bling (Balou du Rouet/ EM Favre) showing off. So glamorous in their winter fuzzies but looking all grown up. Mocha is for sale so check her out on the For Sale page. There's also video there. She's scheduled to be broke in July so come get her before then when her price will go up! :-)

March 2010

~ Meet Zoey! (March 2010)~

We love our Jack Russell, Kiwi so much we decided to add another. So much fun!

March 2010

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