News at Kingston Farm

~ Rockin' Robbie Update ~

Robbie went to his inspection and got some really nice comments. The angle and the zoom on the video does not give you a good look at his movement but I wanted to share the comments from inspectors Gerhard Senckenberg (current President of the District Society Hesse of the Hannover Verband) and Gerd Zuther (AHS Mare and Stallion Committee judge since 1985). Needless to say I was very happy with his behavior, his performance and the comments he received. :-)

Comments given by Gerhard Senckenberg: "This is a Rosario colt born in April, well developed, nice head and neck, nice muscle. He has four correct legs as well and a good topline with the withers going nicely in the back. Top movement, forwards and upwards with covering alot of ground so I would say he's a nice, nice colt and his very good movement."

August 2009

~ Bada Bling Update ~

Bling is in that awful, gawky, 3 inch butt high, why in the world would I show her to you stage right now but she showed us that she still has it! Check her out!

August 2009

~ Downsizing! ~

Check out our Sales page. I'm downsizing so I have more time to ride! I'm going to breed less and ride more. Let me know if you see anything that interests you!

June 2009

~ In Memory of Derby (April 1999-June 2009) ~

We had to put our beloved black lab to sleep due to bone cancer this month. She retrieved many birds for my husband, Jeff and traveled with him as far as South Dakota on hunting trips. At home she retrieved even more balls for the kids and if I had to guess at how many I know it would be wwwaaaaayyyyyyy too low. She was a fetching machine! She also was the most gentle family dog who the kids used many times as a backrest on the floor when they watched TV and she'd give kisses when they played horrible harmonica music on the back steps. The kisses made them giggle and squeal with delight which also made them stop playing those darn harmonicas! She was a great dog and will be missed.

June 2009

~ Cookie is moving to VA! ~

Congratulations to Marylyn and Moe Leonard on their purchase of Cookie. We are very excited for them as they have BIG plans for the pony. We can't wait to hear the updates and see photos in the upcoming months.

May 2009

~ Rockin' Robbie at 10 Days! ~

Robbie is maturing nicely and very active. As you can see he naturally wants to lift his shoulders. He's such a pretty boy!

May 2009

~ Meet Rockin' Robbie! ~

EM Favre surprised us with a BEAUTIFUL colt around 4:30am on Friday, April 24th by Rosario (Rubinstein/Castro). He looks like he will be dark bay with a nice star, some white hairs that dribble down to a perfect snip. He also has 3 white socks to add to all this handsomeness. We've named him after my brother Rob who use to play in a band. Brother Rob says our new addition is handsome and fast just like himself. :-)

April 2009

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/EM Favre) is 2 Years Old! ~

Ellen sent us pictures of Ava on her 2nd birthday. Doesn't she look "favulous"? Look at that lift in the shoulders and all that air time! Woooo!

April 2009

~ Update on OzMonty ~

OzMonty (Oscar/Astral) was a colt we bred that was born in 2001 (check out our so Sold page for pictures). Super nice colt with lots of looks and elegance. He was top scoring foal in all of North America for the Swedish Warmbloods registry during his keuring and later became Reserve Grand Champion Young Horse at his first and only breed show in Raleigh as a yearling. We just heard from his current owner, Laura Swain and she raves about his work ethic and how smart and kind he is. Here are photos from her first show of the season at Training and First Levels winning 2 of her classes and a second place in the other. To top it off her scores were as high as 72.8%!!! Good Golly, you go girl! :-)

April 2009

~ Scoop ~

At the end of last season Scoop started having trouble keeping his canter leads behind. After a number of evaluations, Scoop was treated for EPM through the winter. His response to the meds looks good so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have started riding him again lightly and in the meantime I'm working on my seat and position. Keep the big boy in your thoughts and expect great things from me (hopefully) next time you see us. :-)

March 2009

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