News at Kingston Farm

Congratulations to Mary Wilbourn for her purchase of Omni!

Omni (Fair Play/Astral) has gone to be a top dressage mount with Mary Wilbourn from Charleston, SC. They seem to be a great match and Mary has her trainer, Rebecca Housley of Kennerleigh Farm to help guide her. We wish them the best of luck and hope to see them in the show ring this spring!

December 5th, 2007

Congratulations to the Virginia Tech Sporthorse Program!

Our wonderful Dutch warmblood mare, Leah (Roemer/Ventosa's Jubilee xx) has gone to live with the Virginia Tech folks to be part of their successful Sporthorse breeding program. Dr. Rebecca Splan is very excited to have her and is already looking at potential husbands. We can't wait to see who you choose. Good luck! Leah babies are super in every way!

December 5th, 2007

~ Pictures by Pics of You and Arielle Perry ~

Full Scoop (Fabriano/ EM Favre) Featured in Chronicle of the Horse!

After our win at the GAIG Regionals, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Roberta Anderson from The Chronicle of the Horse. I feel very humbled that they would take a interest in me as an Adult Amateur Training Level rider. The article was the headline for the Dressage section in the November 19th issue. NCDCTA has informed me that they have gotten permission to reprint the article for their monthly publication as well. I feel so lucky. It's a very exciting time. Big pat for Scoop!

Nov 27th, 2007

~ Pictures by Arielle Perry ~

Lots of Good News!
Full Scoop (Fabriano/ EM Favre
) is Big Blue at the GAIG Regional Finals!

Can you believe it! I'm still floating on Cloud 9 and I doubt I'll be coming down. Scoop won his Training Level AA GAIG Regional Championship class in Lexington on October 27th! It was a huge class. The largest of the show with 38 scheduled rides. The class started at 8am and went til early afternoon. We finally had the perfect test. We picked up our leads, did our stretchy circle, were comfortable and relaxed in the ring and really strutted our stuff. I was happy to end the season with that and it was icing on the cake to win it all. Our average score between the 2 judges was a 70.4%. A totally consistent test. We also rode a First Level Test 1 class earlier in the morning which proved beneficial. Scoop is use to being out 24x7 and he had been cooped up much too long in his opinion. Despite the puddles and muck, he was a good boy and ended up with a 67% and winning that class as well. He was so good we scratched our Sunday class and went out trail riding on the cross country course for some gallops and good grass eatting. I won the GAIG AA Training Level finals back in 1996 with my rescued TB gelding, Brewster's Millions. It was called the ABIG's back then. That was very rewarding as well but it doesn't beat the feeling of winning with a horse you bred, broke and trained. Everyone should experience this feeling at some point in their lives. It's very rewarding. :-)

To add to the good news, Scoop is also ranked 7th for the American Hanoverian Society USDF All Breeds Finals. Woo-hoo!

Nov 27th, 2007

Full Scoop (Fabriano/ EM Favre) is Blue again in Pinehurst!

I needed one more show and one more score to qualify Scoop for the USDF All-Breeds awards so we headed to Dressage in Pinehurst in the Fall. Scoop won both his classes (Training 2 and 3) with scores of 70% and 68.8%. We still can't get that perfect test. He picked up the wrong lead in both tests but made up for it with lots of 8's in his other movements. In one test we had a total of 13 eights but also a 3, 4, and 5. We'll get better and since he always tries it shouldn't take long. He was a super boy and we even went on a trail ride between classes. It's great to have the mind and the ability! Big thank you to Andrew Weniger for taking these photos. He always does a great job!

Sept 30th, 2007

Full Scoop (Fabriano/ EM Favre) brings home the Blue(s)!

I took Scoop to the Labor of Love show in Raleigh, NC on Labor day weekend. We just trailered in for the day on Saturday and I brought my son Steven along to help me. He not only was a big help but also brought us some super luck. Scoop debuted at First level test 1 winning his class with a 66.33%. He had a number of 8's but also a couple of 4's and a 5 so we have room for improvement and know the areas we need to work on. Later in the day he went on to win his large GAIC qualifing class at Training-4 with a 69.2% as well. Steven would sit to watch my rides and when I would do my final salute I'd hear his little clap from behind the fence cheering me on. You can't beat my support team and he was so proud of Scoop as you can see.

Sept 1st, 2007

Full Scoop (Fabriano/ EM Favre) is Awesome in Asheville!

Scoop and I decided to head for the mountains for the USDF recognized show, Summer Mountain Getaway in Asheville, NC. He was such a trooper despite a blowout on the trailer on the way there. Saturday was a great day with scores of 68.4% and 68.8% at Training 3 and 4. That was good enough to win the 'NC Bred High Score' award again as well as the Adult Amateur High Score award. I was so happy with his rideability. This was his first time he's been in an indoor and even though he was nervous about his surroundings he did everything I asked. He got a big pat when he was done. :-)

August 4th, 2007

Cookies N Cream (Art I Decked Out/Colored Leager)
Scored an 8 on Movement at her Inspection!

Cookie went to her RPSI inspection at Ashemont Farm in Southern Pines. She handled the whole day like a champ and really showed what she's got! At 4 months old she's in a growth phase where she's about 3 inches higher at the rump than her withers but that did not deter her in the least. The German judge made the comment, "Even though at this stage of her development she is croup high, she was still able to lift her shoulders and move on out. Quite nice movement. We gave her an 8." We are so proud of our little Cookie monster.

July 31st, 2007

Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre)
Top Filly at her Hanoverian Inspection!

Favulous was named Top Filly of the Day at her Hano inspection at Honey Locust Farm! We are just thrilled as there were alot of nice foals. The judges even commented about the quality of the foals presented so she was definitely in good company. They commented on her ability to sit and use herself. Of course I couldn't see a thing as I was running big mamma, Favre but got to review the video afterwards. It's a wonderful feeling when your plan comes together. I just hope she's as much fun to ride has her brother, Full Scoop (Fabriano/EM Favre). Watch for updates here...

July 2007

~ Cafe Mocha is almost all shed out ~
And looking good I might add. This filly definitely has presence! I always have to give her a double take which always makes me smile. These photos are at 4 months.

July 23rd, 2007

~ Bravo Bear (Sir Sinclair/Leah) at 16 Months ~
Teddy is growing up. It seemed to happen all at once. Even my kids looked at him twice one day and asked, "Is that Teddy? Wow, he's not a baby anymore!" No, as you can see from the pictures, he's not a baby anymore. He's growing up to be quite the handsome fellow. A friend commented, "At this age, this is the worse he should look which is actually quite nice". We are always so thrilled with Leah's offspring. She just keeps giving us such good looking babies with very agreeable temperaments. Teddy has that teddy bear disposition too that we really love.

July 23rd, 2007

~ Ava (Fabuleux/ EM Favre) on the Move ~
Here is Ava (Favulous) showing off her trot. We knew she had a super canter but never showed off her trot until now. She just floats!

May 22nd, 2007

~ Mocha (Freestyle/Leah) on the Move ~
Mocha is impressing us with her gorgeous looks and movement. Just take a look!

May 22nd, 2007

I've got to brag on Full Scoop (Fabriano/ EM Favre)!
Scoop went to his first recognized USDF dressage show over Mother's day weekend at Dressage in the Sandhills in Pinehurst, NC. I've taken him to a couple schooling shows where he had settled in pretty well but he is still really green. For the most part my farm is a one person operation. We never have other horses in the ring with us much less practicing canter extensions. Nor do we have golf carts and cars and bikes and all sorts of other stuff that goes on at horse shows. He was so good! I never had to lunge him before getting on and there were no major spooks. He was the best! To top it off, of the 3 tests at Training level we were in, he got no less than five 8's and as many as seven 8's per test. There are things we definitely need to work on but when he was good, he was really good. His top score was 73% which was good enough to win the 'NC Bred High Score' award. I'm just so proud of my boy I can't stand it!

May 15th, 2007

Laurenzo (LongChamp/ EM Favre) is doing Great!
Laurenzo came for a visit and looks sooooo good! All his trot and canter work look great and it's hard to fault his progress. Karen is doing an excellent job with him and combines lots of cross training for his development and interest. She says he loves all his work and really enjoys a bit of jumping and long trail rides which includes nice long gallops. He's very talented. :-)

May 6th, 2007

Finally Pictures of Favulous (Fabuleux/ EM Favre)!
We have been busy but finally some pictures of Favulous at 5 days. We are calling her Ava. She is a very sweet filly and she is showing signs of some "favulous" movement.

April 28th, 2007

Welcome Favulous!
Favre had a beautiful, leggy filly by Fabuleux early Monday morning. She's dark bay with lots of silvery hair on her legs, under her belly and at the dock of her tail. Someone told me that she could shed out black but right now she looks like a really dark chocolate bay. Medium sized star. We're very excited as this filly is so closely related to Full Scoop. Pictures coming soon!

April 23rd, 2007

Gotta show you some more pictures of the Cookie Monster...

April 2007

Some Stretch Aerobics going on at Kingston Farm! Even the little critters.

April 2007

I'm loving my pony foal
Cookie is really filling out and fitting the bill of a little sport pony don't you think?
April 2007

Cookies and Cream Anyone?
Dixie (Couleur Leaguer) had a beautiful black and white filly by Art I Decked Out on April 1st. Her ear is a little crimped from being all folded up in that tight space. As much as this foal kicked in her mommy's tummy, I just knew it was a wild little colt but to my surprise it's a girl. She is a zoom buggy of a little filly and just goes and goes. The kids thought she looked like an Oreo cookie so Cookie was christened. We'll go for Cookies and Cream and Cookie for short. It really fits because have I mentioned that she is super SWEET too? She'll come right up to say hey with no fear at all and give you a whinny to come back if you try to walk away.
April 2007

Mocha is getting bigger
Here is Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) at 2 weeks. Isn't she a looker?
April 2007

Meet Cafe Mocha
"Mocha" was born at 1:45am on March 17th. Thank goodness my hubby was keeping watch because I was doing some serious snoozing! She is by Freestyle out of Leah (Roemer) and so very tall and elegant. She is bay with 3 socks, a small star and a snip. We are so thrilled with her and she's already catching visitors eyes with her "look at me" attitude. It will be fun to watch her grow. Here she is at 1 day.
March 2007

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