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~ Dixie and Geri start the year off right! Feb 2014 ~

Looks like the dressage practice is paying off. Geri and Dixie finished 2nd in the Beginner Novice division at Running Start Farm Horse Trials this past weekend! They finished on their dressage score going clean in Stadium Jumping and having a blast on XC. At their last HT they had time penalties on XC. I thought they looked a little slow after jumping the 3rd jump and headed off out of sight but as they reappeared out of the woods to finish the last 3 jumps they had come into their stride and were moving on out. Funny moment: Of course as an anxious Mom while they were out of sight it felt like soooo much time had gone by. Were they having issues, did Geri fall off, was there a stop? So many questions racing through my mind and then I look at my stop watch -- 3 minutes 32 seconds. Really? Is that all? Whew! Right then they reappeared. So much fun to see they both had smiles on their faces! Great times! :)
2013 News at Kingston Farm

~ Dixie and Geri have fun at Fall Fest at the ARK - Nov 2013 ~

Great instructors and great times! Here are pictures from XC lesson with Kathi Hines. Perfect colors for pictures!

~ Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) shows well in Pinehurst - September 2013 ~

Mocha and I showed one day at the Pinehurst show. It was one of those oh-no moments when I woke up and realized my alarm never went off. We arrived at the show in time to pick up our packet, rebraid 3-4 braids and warm-up 15 mins before going into our first class. A bit hectic and I couldn't have done it without Geri's help! OMG to have a well trained pony clubber! Everyone needs one! Of course Mocha has that wonderful laid back attitude so none of the rushing around phased her at all! Finished with a 67%+ in my Training 3 and First 2 classes.

~ Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) does well at first USDF show - July 2013 ~

I took Mocha to Raleigh Summer Dressage I and II with the hopes of qualifying her for BLMs and GAIGs at Training level. I entered a BLM qualifying First level class as well just for fun. She exceeded all my expectations despite my degrading memory (2 mistakes in one test) and was so well behaved in the new surroundings including the warmup! We came home with 3 firsts and a 2nd which qualified us for everything we set out to do and nothing lower than a 65%. Our first level class was our highlight and most fun finishing with a 71.48%! Big pat for Mocha!

~ Prim (Ridley) and Dixie do well at Weser Ems Inspection - July 2013 ~

Geri did great presenting Dixie and Prim at the Weser Ems inspection. Don't they look like a happy team? We are waiting on some bloodline research efforts from the Oldenburg office but Holly thought Dixie was eligible and had the scores for Main Mare Book (MMB) in the Weser Ems sport pony registry. Woo-hoo! Once that is confirmed Prim will be awarded a Premium rating. The feedback from the judges were they were going to come look for Prim when they had kids ready to ride. What a compliment! Holly told Geri she was the luckiest girl in the world and she happily agreed. :) While presenting Dixie and Prim in hand, Geri had to run around the ring a number of times and put those soccer legs to work. When I wanted more pictures she decided to show Prim's paces while riding bareback. Fun times!

~ Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer) does well at first show! - June 2013 ~

Very proud of my home bred 6yo mare, Cafe Mocha (Freestyle/Roemer). She was awesome at her first show this weekend at Fenridge bringing home 2 blues at Training 2 and 3 with 72.5% and 70.8%. 8's for gaits and harmony between rider and horse! Extra fun was the judge's comment, 'Well ridden. Ready for Grand Prix?' So proud of my big girl! :)

~ Welcome Fine Design (Fabuleux/EM Favre) - May 2013 ~

She's here and in all her glory! Favre had a BEAUTIFUL filly May 20th. I am really in love with her. We have named her Fine Design and are calling her Dezi for short. Thanks goodness she was not a he. Geri was set on naming it Fee Fi Fo Fum and calling him Jack. Whew! Favre is sooo happy to have her baby too. She loves being a momma. Pictures are Dezi at 2 days.

~ Congrats to Favulous (Fabuleux/EM Favre) and Ellen! - May 2013 ~

Favulous and Ellen did great down in Pinehurst scoring a 66.8% at Second-2. Big Congrats! A great accomplishment!

~ Cimmerian Primrose by Ridley (Rotspon/Walt Disney) at 10 days - May 2013 ~

Here's Prim at 10 days. What a looker, huh? Still an in your pocket pony. She'd rather be with people that the ponies. Dixie is so happy with her new baby. :)

~ Welcome Cimmerian Primrose (Ridley/Colored Leager (Dixie)) - April 2013 ~

After waiting and keeping a careful watch on Dixie, she finally had a beautiful filly on April 26th. Black with a blaze, white lower lip, a sock and lots of ermin spots around her cornary bands. Very tall but quick to get up and find the spicket. She was cantering around the stall when she was just an hour and a half old. Very people oriented right from the start. Here she is at 3 days. What a cutie!

~ The Girls are going to pop! - April 2013 ~

Dixie and Favre are getting quite HUGE! Dixie should be going any day now and Favre is 3 weeks behind her. Fingers crossed for healthy babies and easy deliveries.

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/EM Favre) debuts at 3rd Level - March 2013 ~

Congratulations to owner Ellen Peebles, trainer Eliza Sydnor and of course Favulous, aka Hannah on her debut at 3rd level at the Pinehurst schooling show! Very exciting and we can't wait to see more! :-)

~ Great news to start of 2013! - December 2012 ~

I took Favre to be cultured and checked out so she'd be ready to breed first thing this year and lo and behold, she's still prego!!!! It was Merry Xmas to me! We're not sure what it was we found out in the pasture. Maybe a deer fetus? But all was well and good with the baby and even saw the hooves go by a couple times. So official status update: One Fabuleux baby on the way!

~ Spirit wants to be part of Pony Club too! - December 2012 ~

Geri is having fun teaching Spirit how to jump while Dixie is on maturity leave. Woo-hoo!

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