News at Kingston Farm

~ Geri and Dixie do well in their first competitions! - October 2012 ~

Back to back weekends! First mini-D Pony Club Rally hosted by the Eno Triangle HorseMasters group and then a Horse Trial at FenRidge Farm! In both events they went clean in both stadium and x-country. Woo-Hoo! They ended up 2nd in the Rally and 4th overall at FenRidge. I have to note as well that Geri score a 22.8 on her first dressage test. For you dressage kings and queens that's a 77.2%! Good start girls!

~ Sad News - October 2012 ~

Favre lost her foal. :( I actually found the fetus in the pasture. I wasn't sure what it was and thought maybe the cats had dragged something in. I couldn't figure out why there was no fur though and after some thought started putting 2 and 2 together. I was hoping I was wrong but the vet confirmed my suspicians. I will put her under lights and try to breed her again early in the year. She so wants to be a Mommy.

~ Obstacle Clinic for Bling and Dixie - August 2012 ~

Geri and I did an obstacle clinic with Linda Hoover. I've been working with Linda since 2005 and she has a great eye and does alot for helping the owner/rider develop that bond of trust with their horse. I think developing that trust on the ground starting as young horses is so important and transfers over when you start to ride them. The exposure to all sorts of things is priceless. You never know what you're going to encounter at a show, on the trail or even at home. A plus is the horses have fun too!

See more info on Linda's program here: US Refined Horsemanship Association

~ Rio and Gabrielle - Silver Medal!!! August 2012 ~

Gabrielle sent word that she and Rio did well at the dressage show in Raleigh. They scored impressive 63.5% and 64.7% at PSG and now have all their scores to earn them their USDF Silver medal. Wow! Gabrielle writes, "That was my goal so now I need to set a new one : )". What do you think? I say GO FOR IT! GOLD!

EM Favre is confirmed pregnant to FABULEUX (Fabriano/Augustinus xx/Absatz)!
Dixie is confirmed pregnant to RIDLEY (Rotspon/Walt Disney I) !

~ Breeding Update #3 - July 2012 ~
~ The Black Stallions ~

Woo Hoo! Favre is pregnant too! This will be a full sibling to Favulous who was one of the top 15 4yo young horses in the US last year and doing great at 1st level this year (see below). Dixie is due early April and Favre is due early May. Geri is already thinking about names. Let's see what she comes up with this season.

To see more on Fabuleux go here: Bridlewood Hanoverians
To see more on Ridley go here: Fair Winds Farm

~ Favulous (Fabuleux/EM Favre) does super in Lexington - July 2012 ~

We recieved great news from Ellen. She and Favulous had a great qualifing ride (71.+) at First-3 at the Lexington dressage show. So exciting and look at the smiles on both their faces! Love it!

~ Bling 1st Time Free Jumping - June 2012 ~

Bada Bling (Balou du Rouet/EM Favre) : Check out Blingy trying out her free jumping skills! I thought she did really well for being in a new place and jumping with a lunge line near her face. What do you think?



~ Breeding Update #2 - June 2012 ~

Good news! Dixie is confirmed prego with Ridley and Favre has been bred to Fabuleux (Fabriano/Augustinus xx/Absatz). This is a proven cross thru Favulous who was one of the top 4 yo last year in the US. She had top scores in her first year of showing with trainer Eliza Sydnor and AA owner, Ellen. Truly temperament and movement that every breeder wishes they could produce. Similar cross was Favre to Fabriano himself which produced Full Scoop. Love, love, love my Scoop (Fabriano/EM Favre) and he will always hold my heart. So guess what? I want another one! Fingers crossed...

~ Pony Club Camp - June 2012 ~

Eno Triangle Pony Club hosted their annual camp in Chatham Hall, Virginia. OMG, they did so many things! The kids were in groups of similar level. Geri was introduced to so many new things. On horseback, they did basic dressage lesson, course jumping, grids (first time for most of the kids in her group), musical freestyle, polocrosse, games (so many different ones), and cross country. Without horses there were crafts, horsemanship, pony painting, scavenger hunt, and lots of chit chat in the dorms at night. I've never had so much fun without riding myself. So much fun to watch the big smiles on all the pony clubber faces!

~ Ridley News - June 2012 (pulled from AHS site) ~

Ridley (Rotspon/Walt Disney I) was awarded the FEI High Score at the Delaware Valley Dressage at Fair Hill for his score of 70.263% at Intermediaire I on Saturday, June 9, 2012. He was also awarded first place in the FEI Test of Choice class on both days of the show. Way to go Ridley!

~ 2012 Breeding Update - May 2012 ~

Well I know I was planning to breed Favre this year but if Favre was having a baby then who am I going to wean the baby with next year? I've been lucky that when I've bred only one mare I can wean the baby with last years baby but that's not the scenario this year. I decided that Dixie was the perfect candidate. I want to reproduce her super disposition and willingness just more in a sport horse package. She is being bred to the sport pony stallion, Ridley (Rotspon/Walt Disney I). Ridley has been doing so well in the dressage ring. He is showing I-1 this year with nice scores. He will be fun to watch develop. We are really excited about this cross!

To see more on Ridley go here: Fair Winds Farm

~ Pony Club Rating May 2012 ~

Geri started Pony Club in Dec 2011. She started to ride Dixie so she could learn how to canter. Once she started to ride Dixie she didn't want to give her back. They've been a perfect match! Neither had ever jumped before but they've been learning together. Dixie is the perfect partner and takes every new task in stride. Here they are passing their D1 and D2 Pony Club ratings.

~ Rioja Reserva (Ruffian/Roemer): April 2012 ~

I got news from Gabrielle that she and Rio got a 62% at PSG (and in the pouring rain and mud nonetheless). When she bought Rio as a 2yo she had commented that there were a number of previous clients of Kingston that were FEI riders. On my 'Sold' page I had noted next to Rio that Gabrielle was 'an aspiring FEI rider'. Well she's no longer 'aspiring' but an actual FEI rider now and she did it on Rio! Gabrielle is officially "FEI"! Big congrats and kudos to all your hard work! Gabrielle says, "Rio is my best friend and a horse of a lifetime.".

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