Custom Breedings

Do you like one of our mares and have a stallion you've always wanted to breed to? Choose one of our mares and we will take care of coordinating the breeding, upkeep of the mare throughout the pregnancy, veterinary visits, foalwatch, birthing, handling of the foal and weaning. You pay for the in-house lease of our mare, the stallion fees, any vet fees associated with breeding, pregnancy and foaling and registry and inspection fees. Depending on the distance we will also will be glad to present the foal for you at its respective keuring. We typically have Hanoverian, Oldenburg, ISR and RPSI inspections in our area every year. The in-house lease of each mare depends on the mare.
We have chosen our mares carefully and they are proven in their bloodlines and in the breeding shed. We emphasize rideability along with movement and talent when we select our mares. Chose from our Elite Hanoverian Mare Favre who is also in the Jumper Breeder Program but has also produced outstanding dressage horses. We also have our RPSI sportpony approve buckskin paint mare Dixie who has produced an outstanding pinto filly with 8 movement. For more details on each mare, check out our Mares page for lots of pictures of the mares themselves and their offspring.

Pictures of some of the offspring from our mares: